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CD Review - The Fountainheads - What Means So Much
Posted on July 1st, 2008 by Riftyrich

By Nelson Heise

The Fountainheads new disc “What Means So Much” is just pop gold. Every track finds a little Beatles flavor toppled with more modern sounds of The Minus 5 and Ween. Not that long ago I was asked to review The Fountainheads first self-titled EP and it was good, but it wasn’t a complete polished package. That is not the case for the new disc, great riffs, nice harmonies and really strong melodies. The Fountainheads are lead by Hornisch brothers who come with a battery of personal experience of love in your early twenties, and it is hard not to reflect on that life not so long ago.

“Tell Me Where You Want Me and I’ll Be There For Sure” sounds like a lost hit from the early sixties that this reviewer can’t help but think of that damn Tom Hanks flick “That Thing You Do” and its song of the same title. “Speed of Light” is a more rambunctious song that leads nicely into the next track “College Town Blues” which is a personal favorite that reflects on the trials and tribulations of college life, if I could only have those problems again. “I’ll Be There to Catch You If You Fall” is a laid back country-esqe track that has a sweet little violin track. My only complaint, the titles of the tunes are too damn long, but I’ll live with that if they keep cranking out these cool tunes.