Let's Fight This Side by Side

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The Band:

Fountainhead #1: Chris Hornisch - bass guitar, vocals, guitars (www.chrishornisch.com)

Fountainhead #2: Tom Hornisch - rhythm guitar, vocals, piano

Fountainhead #3: Jake Davisson - lead guitar

Fountainhead #4: Jeff McCusker - drums, percussion


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03/06/12 - The Fountainheads have officially rebranded as "The Night Light Chasers". Rock 'n roll.

06/19/11 - Hanging on the cusp of the Summer Solstice. The Fountainheads performed an acoustic lunch hour show at Mears Park this past week and were joined on stage by musician/artist Sarah Hornisch, who contributed piano parts throughout the first set. Sarah has played on several recorded tracks released by The Fountainheads, including two songs that will be on the upcoming record, but this was the first time she performed with the band live. We hope to see her out and about with the band more and more.

01/10/11 - Happy New Year! Hanging out at Manor Lane this evening with a few spare hours to catch my breath after a busy holiday season. We had a solid close to 2010. The Fountainheads held several tracking sessions, putting the final touches on the twelve new songs that will make up our third LP. Tom and I closed out the 2010 performance schedule with an acoustic performance at The Palace Stage at Wild Tymes. Meanwhile, Jake kept busy with a trip west to Portland and continued to moonlight here and there with Mark Stary's blues band. Jeff and I spent a few Sunday's in Cannon Falls working on early mixes of the new tunes. Manor Lane hosted Cody Bodin and Chris Brueske several times to rehearse a half-dozen or so of new tunes by Cody. Tracking sessions for the new songs should begin soon. Additionally, Chad Wittkop was in the studio to work on two original tracks. Mike Hornisch also made it into the studio to work on a couple of his new compositions. Kindly keep checking in on the band and Manor Lane studios, we're looking forward to a very melodious 2011.

09/20/10 - Fall is in the air. Two days 'til the equinox. The Fountainheads coasted through the summer with shows in St. Paul at Mears Park and a full band show at The Palace Stage at Wild Tymes. Chris and Tom made it down to the Acadia cafe for an acoustic show in August, and more recently Chris played a solo acoustic set opening for Mark Stary at Plum's. In the studio the band continues to make progress on their third LP. A recording session dedicated to the piano tracks is next in line for the band. Please continue to check in as the band draws nearer and nearer to announcing an official release date. In other news, The Fountainheads lead guitarist, Jake Davisson, recently guest starred with The Whiskey Roses for an evening at the August Schell Brewery's 150th year anniversary "schellabration", check out a photo of Jake and Mark discussing the "big picture" courtesy of the New Ulm Journal. Up next for the band a spectacular Sunday evening show at The Varsity Theater on September 26th. Get your tickets here!

05/17/10 - Jake Davisson, lead guitarist for The Fountainheads was recently spotted in good company on the Savage Amps website. Chris made it out to Jambo's CD release party on May 8th in Hudson, WI and then for good measure joined Mark Stary later that evening as the opening acoustic act up in Turtle Lake, WI. Jeff was back in the studio and wrapped up the drum sessions for The Fountainheads upcoming third full-length album. Elsewhere Tom squared off with laryngitis. Up next for the band, some great summer shows including, Mears Park in downtown St. Paul and The Palace Stage @ Wild Tymes (also downtown St. Paul), check out the tour page for more details... Rock 'n roll.

04/28/10 - It's been a busy couple of months. March featured two gigs at the Star Bar, once as the headliner and once as the opener for a couple of terrific west coast bands, The Rooftops and The Americas. The full band made appearances in St. Paul at The Palace Stage @ Wild Tymes and in Turtle Lake, WI at the Spare Time Bowl Bar & Grill. We closed out our latest block of shows at St. Paul's Plum's opening for Mark Stary. As always thanks to all who made it out to catch a live set! Meanwhile, Manor Lane Studios is happy to announce the official release of "Jambo" Joe Bones debut full-length recording "Bar On A Beach". Please check out the music when you get the chance, and pick up a copy here. Minnesota songwriter Chad Wittkop made a couple trips to Manor Lane to get his new recording project underway and the Thought Thieves have been in the studio a couple of times to track additions to their upcoming 5 song EP. Additionally, more recently singer/songwriter Cody Bodin stopped by to begin work on a new group songs. Mark Stary also made it down to work on his new all original musical titled "Ties and Tennis Shoes", bringing with him the talented keys player Andrew Crowley to assist with the production.. Lastly, The Fountainheads were able to find some down time to forge ahead on their upcoming recording, we're still targeting a Fall release date. Also, worthy of note, Mr. Stary, our good friend Nick, and I ventured straight down the heart of middle America to Nashville, TN. We spent three days down in the "Lion's Den" pitching our musical talents and recording accomplishments thus far inside one of the true music epicenters of the world. I personally, had a blast. Hope your 2010 is rolling along superbly. Check back soon! 

03/01/10 - March rolled in like lamb contrary to the popular saying. The long winter thaw has begun in the North Country. The Fountainheads acoustic show has been busy with regular visits to The Terminal Bar. Thanks to the bar and Mr. Tom A. for the generous support. In the studio "Jambo" Joe Bones has been hard at work. Tracking sessions for his new disc entitled "Bar On A Beach" are officially complete. He hopes to have the disc out later this month. We'll be sure to announce the official cd release right here! A second tier of tracking sessions for The Fountainheads will now begin in earnest. Additionally, the band has a full calendar of upcoming shows, kindly check out the tour details when you get a chance and hope to see out and about. Rock 'n roll. 

12/18/09 - And so this is Christmas... and what have you done. Happy X-mas to all! We've been busy since we last checked in. The ongoing local tour took us to Plum's, several trips to The Terminal Bar (many thanks for the slots Tom A.!), and two full band shows at The Red Sea and The Dalles House respectively. A special thanks to Mark Stary and The Whiskey Roses for inviting us up to The Dalles House in St. Croix Falls, WI. The sound was great, the crowd was great, the band had a great time, we look forward to doing it again soon. We'd also like to thank local rock 'n roll bands Alameda and The 99ers for sharing the stage with us several times over the past couple months. The 99ers released a great cd last month, we've personally taken a liking to the charming track "Fish and Chips". Kindly check the disc out if you get the chance. In the studio the band continues to forge ahead on the new material. We're roughly half-way through the recording process. We'll continue to update progress right here as we draw nearer to completing the planned 2010 release. Look for some new videos to arrive on the site very soon that will debut two new songs by The Fountainheads. Also, in the studio, "Jambo" Joe Bones made several visits to Manor Lane. Jambo is currently on track to have his cd out in late March. Addtionally, we had Mr. Mark Stary and guitar legend Dan Neale in the studio to track three new songs that Mark plans to pitch to the one and only Capitol Records. Good luck Mark! Well, I believe that brings everybody up to speed. Have a great holiday season. Thanks to everyone who lent an ear throughout the year, can't wait to do it again in 2010! And to close, as I've been known to say this time of year, don't forget the "Chris" in Christmas (ha-ha-ho-ho-hee). : )

10/13/09 - First snow fall of the year on 10/9. That's too early even by "north country" standards. Two superb shows over the past month, an acoustic set at the Acadia and a full band show at O'Gara's featuring great sets by 10W40, The Rhinestone Diplomats, and Mark Stary and The Whiskey Roses. Next up on the tour is an acoustic set at Plum's this coming Saturday. Also, kindly note the next full band show at The Dalles House in St. Croix Falls, WI on 11/25. We pair up again with Mark Stary for this one, it should be a fantastic night of music. In the studio "Jambo" Joe Bones was down for a couple productive sessions tracking drums for his upcoming full-length recording.

08/05/09 - The August moon is full tonight. Not sure why but music always seems to sound best when there's a full moon (keep your eye on the sky). We've been busy working on the new record. The tracks have been selected and we anticipate a 13 song collection. Most of the record will be recorded at our homegrown studio Manor Lane Studios. The early playbacks sound very promising. Stay tuned for future updates on the band's progress. Thanks to DEMO for hosting the band's show in June at the Eagle Club in St. Paul, and a special thanks to all who made it out. A Fountainheads acoustic show is next up on the calendar scheduled for September 10th at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis. Perhaps the biggest music news from The Fountainheads camp over the past couple months was the selection of an early composition by The Fountainheads' bassist, Chris Hornisch, for broadcast airplay on the world-wide distributed Coast to Coast AM radio program. The track "Baker Street" off of Chris' debut cd "Down For Days" was featured on the radio show's July 5th broadcast. A heartfelt thanks to George Noory and the Coast to Coast radio program for both the airplay and for supporting indie music. The Fountainheads are also happy to announce that their music has been accepted by Pandora.com and will be included in the online radio's vast catalog of artists. Kindly check out Pandora when you get the chance. Also worthy of note, Tom bought himself a new Fender Telecaster which will get plenty of opportunities to contribute to the new record. New updates are in place here and there throughout the site. Keep checking in, checking out, and checking up on The Fountainheads.

04/18/09 - Why is it April already? It's been busy. Regardless, the sun is shining and Spring is here in the north country. We've had a solid first quarter of the year with shows at O'Gara's, Plum's and Cravings. Thanks to all who came out to catch the sets. More recently, The Fountainheads were back at O'Gara's to help celebrate the new Mark Stary and The Whiskey Roses LP, "Bum Dingo". We were also in attendance at the Thought Thieves cd release party in Minneapolis at Memory Lanes the first week of April. Both CDs are Manor Lane Studios productions, be sure to check out the new music when you get the chance. In addition to the two cd productions Manor Lane Studios has also been busy working with Joe "Jambo" Bones who has been down for several sessions, look for his debut cd to be out later this year. Meanwhile The Fountainheads continue to rehearse a dozen or so new songs in preparation for studio tracking which should begin in earnest in a couple months. Two new shows added to the calendar, Tom and I will be down in Winona, MN next Saturday at the Acoustic Cafe. We're also back at the Acadia in Minneapolis on May 14th. Hope to see you out and about. Hope all is well on your end, keep checking in! Rock 'n roll.

01/05/09 - Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Tom and I closed out the year with a slew of acoustic shows in November and December. Thanks to all who made it out the shows. Look for some new video and pics from the shows to be posted later this month. The Fountainheads continue to work on the next set of songs that will make up the band's third release. We're about 1/3 (4 songs) in thus far. In the studio, Mark Stary and The Whiskey Roses made significant progress throughout the Fall on what will be their third record release as well. The Whiskey's have tracked a large portion of this most recent batch of songs live in the studio. Elsewhere, The Fountainheads were reviewed in the New York City based magazine, The Big Takeover, you can read the review here. Jeff and I also made it out to Hopkins to run sound for the techno-influenced Thought Thieves and rock stalwarts, Flink. Up ahead we've got a great show lined up this Saturday at O'Gara's in St. Paul with Jeff Wenberg, Lisa Wenger and Mark Stary and The Whiskey Roses. Manor Lane Studios is happy to announce that Mr. Joe "Jambo" Bones will be working on a new record beginning this January.

09/15/08 - Full moon tonight... Thanks again to the three bands just below for helping us celebrate the release of "What Means So Much". Beginning this month we will roll out the cd to college radio across the nation. In the studio, The Fountainheads started rehearsals for the next set of recordings. Let's hear it for CDBaby who continues to open doors for independent musicians, go out to their site and a find a cd to buy. Also, you can now purchase The Fountainheads music through Amazon.com (Digital Downloads: What Means So Much and The Fountainheads).

07/12/08 - The Fountainheads CD Release Party w/ The Belfrys, Mark Stary, and Swimmer, O'Gara's Garage - St. Paul, MN - 9pm

07/10/08 - Many thanks to the Pioneer Press and Rift Magazine for the press coverage! 

06/24/08 - Been busy with promotional work for the cd release party. The cd was dropped off at 89.3 The Current, song requests can be submitted to the station via Radio Free Current, or here. Flyers for the cd release party are up around town. Also, the cd is now available for sale at Cheapo Discs and CDBaby. Spent a day up at Mr. Mark Stary's cabin in Wisconsin where he introduced me the music of Don Williams. Mark and I also spent some time at Manfred's Pipe Dream Center where Manfred was kind enough to give us a tour of the place. The Fountainheads next show is an acoustic performance on Thursday, July 3rd at Acadia Cafe! Rock 'n roll...

05/10/08 - Check out the new promotional video for "What Means So Much". Thanks to all who made it out the shows at Dugarel's and The Terminal Bar last month. A special thanks to Swimmer for the Terminal Bar slot. The Fountainheads will be hosting a CD RELEASE PARTY at O'Gara's Garage in St. Paul on Saturday, July 12th. The music starts on 9pm. More info to come!

04/29/08 - The Fountainheads officially release their second full-length recording "What Means So Much"

03/10/08 - It won't be long now, The Fountainheads second full length record, "What Means So Much", will officially hit the streets in late March or early April. The full band's next show will be on Friday, May 2nd, at the Terminal Bar with our friends Swimmer. Hope to see you down to catch the set! Rock 'n roll. 

02/10/08 - Thanks to all who made it down to Cafe Cravings and O'Gara's in January. We added two new songs to our live set, both featuring Jake on lead vocals, the Davisson original "One For The Show" and a great tune called "Pistol" by Dustin Kensrue. We have also finished mixing our upcoming full-length cd release "What Means So Much". Please keep checking in as we draw nearer to an official release date and a cd release party. Elsewhere in the studio we're making progress on the upcoming Mark Stary and The Whiskey Roses release. Two upcoming shows this month! Join us at Plum's with Mark Stary on Saturday Feb. 23rd and then again the next night for an early evening all ages show at The Dinkytowner. Tickets are available in advance right here!

01/03/08 - Happy New Year! The Fountainheads entered two songs into the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. "Last Winter" and "A Cold, Cold Wind Is Gonna Cry" will be participating in Session II of the 2007 contest. Both songs will be featured on The Fountainheads sophomore record scheduled for release in the early part of this year.

12/15/07 - Lots of work in the studio as of late with The Whiskey Roses who have just about finished tracking their second record at Manor Lane. 

12/06/07 - A new video has been posted featuring a brand new song by The Fountainheads entitled, "Stuck In The Middle Of This Year". The song will be included on The Fountainheads upcoming record release scheduled for early 2008. Enjoy.

12/05/07 - Had a great time at Club Underground. Played with some good bands, Citizen Skyline and Facing The Plastic among others. Jeff and Jake both recommend the tater tots. Debuted "A Cold, Cold Wind Is Gonna Cry" to the general public.

11/30/07 - No news is good news. 

11/29/07 - Sarah Hornisch (Author, Artist, Illustrator, Pianist) stopped by to revise the cover art to her upcoming children's book entitled, Emiliť. The book is composed in French and is designed to help young students dive into the French Language. In other literature news, a copy of Synthesis was sent to WIE (What Is Enlightenment?) Magazine for review consideration.

11/28/07 - The Fountainheads rehearsed for their upcoming Dec. 5th show at Club Underground. Additional shows at Cafe Cravings and The Fine Line Music Cafe were added to the calendar for January '08.

11/27/07 - The Whiskey Roses were back down for more studio work, vocal and fiddle takes for several tracks were cut.

11/26/07 - Spoke with Swimmer about setting up a show at the Terminal Bar this coming January. In the studio Mark Stary and Dan Neale put down some lead guitar tracks. -CKH

07/14/06 - The Fountainheads are officially born marked by the release of their first full-length recording "The Fountainheads"


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