The Big Takeover

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The Big Takeover - New York, New York - Issue # 60, Spring 2007:

The Fountainheads - Self-Titled (Hornisch Records)


This brother duo, helped by guests, admits loving The Beatles and Oasis. I hear the latter on "Out Of Place", "Falling" and "It's Misery They Like To See", with meaty, glammy guitars. But on vocals, it isn't as much two (other) brothers Gallagher I hear, but two older Beatle lovers. Both Tom and Chris Hornisch sing and sound like Lennon, only thinner like his disciple Robyn Hitchcock ("Under The Radar") and especially his friend Neil Innes ("All In Your Head") of Bonzo Dog Band and Rutles. So it's surprising to find these boys live in St. Paul, MN rather than Blighty. but like other fab four fans, fastidious Fountainheads (Ayn Rand fans?) are better at crafted studio pop more than Oasis's raucous rock, with piano plus lugubrious guitar breaks in the middle eights (Brit for "bridges"). It's modest, friendly, with low-budget spunk, however traditional. - Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover